Here's another Spidey Noir. Probably from Earth 3285.

One week after the even, like many creators, I’m still trying to recover from the marathon of awesomeness, fatigue and love that was New York Comic Con. First, I want to thank Jim Demonakos and Mike Negin and their team for being the best at making this edition an outstanding success (and I think everybody agrees on that). For me, it simply was the best show EVER as an exhibitor. It wasn’t perfect. But it was still phenomenal.
Let’s play pros and cons, shall we?

• The fans. They’re the best. They bet on your book and show love
• Sales! We sold 110 copies of Intertwined#1 and 45 copies of the #0. The book sells! If your comic book store doesn’t have it: HAVE HIM ORDER IT NOW!!!! They’ll sell them.
• Feedback: this is the part that I love the most. When fans come the first days and buy and then come back later to say : “when’s next issue?”. This is how you know you didn’t screw up. And Intertwined is good my chickens, it’s worth discovering…
• The cosplayers (I had two Spider-Men Noir this year!)
• The ComiXology service to creators: great to have somebody to bring you water or keep your booth while your in the restrooms!
• The Kingsman Bar: A BAR AT NYCC!!!! Really cool.
• The traffic : with 180.000 people over the week-end, it could’ve been a nightmare. It was always breathable.

• Exhausting
• I heard next year Artist Alley will be somewhere else… but where?
• Exhausting
• Not enough time to see other pros and friends (or editors)
• No real “con life”. In smaller cons, or in places like San Diego, everybody knows that creators meet at a certain bar. Not in NY. Too many places, too many bars. Too bad. At the same time, eating options are almost unlimited in NYC.
• I would’ve loved to go to a panel, as an attendee or a speaker. Next year maybe?

Below are a few pics I took during the whole week of NYCC.
Again, best con ever… Until the next one?🙂

To be continued.




It’s always a surprise to have the local news outlets contacting you about your work. I know some people are used to doing this, but strangely, despite having interviewed many people myself when I was doing COMIC BOX, it feels weird being the interviewee.
But Colin Mixson, the journalist, immediately knew how to easen the process. He called me up last week to talk about the JEWISH COMIC CON. We spent abot 20 mn on the phone so he could create his piece. Unfortunately, only tidbits of what I said are in the final paper, but this is how Press works. It was a great experience anyway. And I loved talking about this project, the JEWISH COMIC CON.
It was followed by a photo session, early Tuesday morning, in front of the CKI Synagogue where the show will take place. I was joined by my good friend Fred Polaniecki, who’s also the President of CKI.
Read all about it here:



A few weeks ago, I was asked to provide a writer commentary on Intertwined#1. I gladly did it. Now, Bleeding Cool publishes it thanks to an agreement with Dynamite Comics, I presume. Here’s the link:

It’s also available at the Dynamite official website:!

You’ll understand more why I made some choices in Intertwined and hopefully, it’ll get you excited for what’s coming next.

And of course, Intertwined#1 is still in stores everywhere with its two covers!

To be continued!




This is the day most creator are afraid of. The day AFTER a con. And especially one as HUGE as New York Comic Con. I have to say, this morning, I feel underwhelmed. ReedPop announced 180.000 people and I’m sure they were here. It was a phenomenal show. And Intertwined was incredibly well received. I’ll probably take time to make a full post about my experience at the show.
But for now, I want to invite everyone to join me and Fred Pham Chuong at CARMINE STREET COMICS this afternoon! We’ll be talking/selling/signing Intertwined#1 at the store from 5.30 to 8.30 PM.
It’s located : 34, Carmine St. NY. It’s in the West Village and the closest Subway Stop is “West 4 St/Washington Square” (A-C-E-B-D-F-M).

It’s Columbus day, so if you’re in the area, please show up! It’ll be super cool.

Looking forward to seeing you there.





Yesterday was the first day of New York Comic Con  2016. Fred and myself are, of course, attending, in Artist Alley to promote ourselves and Intertwined#1 (which came out in stores wednesday). Last time I did Artist Alley in Comic Con was 2014 with One-Hit Wonder. What a difference! In short: lots of good vibes (and sales) for Intertwined#0 and #1. And… An unexpected commission for #CBS_Sports!

A few pics from Day 1


To be continued…





Since yesterday, we know that @Marvel and @Netflix’s Iron Fist will drop on March 17th,2017 on TV. I love Iron Fist. It’s one of my favorite characters from Marvel. But if you want to have your Kung Fu fix like… NOW. Well, TOMORROW, we have INTERTWINED#1 available in comic shops in the US and across the world! You can also buy it digitally here:

And don’t forget it comes with two covers!



It’s #ForwardFriday! So it’s a good opportunity for everyone to tell a friend (or 25) about the exciting week ahead of us. YES. Intertwined is finally here! And with New York Comic Con coming up too, lots of exciting stuff coming up!

I know for a fact because I received the proof below:

I would’ve loved to do the whole unboxing ceremony, but the package arrived at an old address and I still have to retrieve it. Not a problem. The important thing is the book exists, is printed and WILL BE AVAILABLE in every comic book store of the world next wednesday.
So… Next week, we have three fantastic events :

1- OCTOBER 5 : It’s #Intertwined day in your comic book store. Go there. Buy it! Twice! We have two covers drawn by Fred Pham Chuong. The regular “Kung Fu cover” and the “Sin City homage cover”.

2- OCTOBER 6-9 : It’s NYCC aka New York Comic Con. Join Fred and myself in Artist Alley, booth #Q12. Or catch us at the Dynamite Comics booth in the main hall where we’ll sign too (schedule to be announced).

3- OCTOBER 10 : SIGNING TIME! You can’t make it to the New York Comic Con? No problem! We’ll be signing Intertwined#1 at the awesome Carmine Street Comics store in the West Village in NY. That’s 34 Carmine St (subway stop: West 4th). It’s from 5.30 to 8PM. Bring a friend!

Now #Forward this!🙂 And join the KUNG FU NOIR REVOLUTION!

To be continued…



We’re Wednesday and as everyone knows, it’s #NCBD (aka New Comic Book Day). There are a lot of cool new comics available this week and I certainly encourage you to check them out. But let’s focus on NEXT WEEK! And next week comes the long awaited issue #1 of INTERTWINED from Dynamite Comics.
Of course, our Kickstarter backer friends already had the privilege of reading this issue, but for the rest of the world, this is your chance! Mark your calendars folks!!!!! #KungFuNoirRevolution


Week-end doodles starring INTERTWINED

The SPIRIT of the EARTH from Intertwined

So, as the New York Comic Con is looming on the horizon, I started drawing more and more to offer as many pieces as possible to people who’ll visit my booth (Q12 in Artist Alley). As with my previous appearances, I’ll give the choice to people interested in buying those originals: either letting me trace over the original and get an “inked original” for a limited price (20 to 40 dollars, depending on the size) OR asking me to ink directly on the original (then, it’s more expensive, 80 to 100 dollars, depending on the size).

I’m drawing every character, but I have to say, with Intertwined being released that same week, I’ll do a lot of those. You’ll find here a couple of examples. Hope you’ll like them…
And see you there!






Dynamite Comics just announced their solicitations for December 2016, so I can officially tell you all about Intertwined#3. And let me tell you this issue is simply UN-MISS-ABLE! Reviewers will tell you that usually, in the third issues, nothing happens. This couldn’t be farther from the truth here: a new Spirit of the Earth is in the house, it’s the long-awaited debut of Long-Huo (the Chinese-Jewish girl posing as a man, Yentl-Style), Juan Jin discovers social injustice in America, the Triads threaten to start a war in Chinatown… And more! Here’s the official solicitation text from the Previews catalog :

Cover: Fred Pham Chuong Writer: Fabrice Sapolsky Art: Fred Pham Chuong

Things become really spooky for Juan Jin. Nature starts acting really weird around him…as if plants, flowers, vines, trees or land were listening! His destiny is about to be fulfilled: he’ll soon become the new Spirit of the Earth! Meanwhile, the Ghost Daggers, the gang led by the nefarious Nei Chang, are putting everyone in Chinatown under pressure. They want to find the Golden Dragon statue at all costs! Kung-Fu action, crime and mysterious, new characters all mixed up… The Kung-Fu Noir series has never been so aptly named!

Release date : December 14th, 2016 (right before Star Wars Rogue One… no relation).