INTERTWINED#2 solicitation


Hi all!
Dynamite Comics has released the text and cover for Intertwined#2. Don’t forget to go to your LCS to order it.

Price: $3.99
Rating: Mature
Cover: Fred Pham Chuong
Writer: Fabrice Sapolsky
Art: Fred Pham Chuong
Genre: Kung Fu, Noir
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 Pages
MARKETING DESCRIPTION: Give in to Kung Fu Noir! Juan Jin’s nightmare has only just begun. Not only he’s been drugged and brought from Hong-Kong to the United States illegally, but he now has to go through humiliation, rudeness and brutality of New York’s Sing Sing Prison guards. And if it wasn’t enough, everyone’s after him and the Golden Dragon statue he’s mysteriously connected to. Darkness calls Juan Jin… Will he give in?



That first word got your attention? Good. Now, you’ll have to read more to understand what’s at stake here!😉

SO… This Fall (hey, it’s soon, times flies when you’re having fun), I’ll tour a lot to promote my new comic book INTERTWINED. But not only.
I’ll also draw a lot. I’m selling original pieces that I’ve been drawing for a year (some are shown below), art prints and comics (mainly some One-Hit Wonder).
Original art can be purchases for a very reasonable price (between $25 and $80).

I’m also open to commissions. You can either write me before the cons here: or show up at my table and request a commish.
Prices are:
• Head Sketch (pencils/inks): $25
• Full character sketch (pencils/inks): $50
• Original inked piece (from a previously drawn original): $30
• Blank cover: $50

And of course, the classics will be back: we’ll talk comics, I’ll probably have candies and you’ll be able to bash the French😉

Looking forward to seeing you there:
BALTIMORE COMIC CON, September 2-4th, 2016
NEW YORK COMIC CON, October 6-9th, 2016
URBAN ACTION CON, November 12th, 2016
JEWISH COMIC CON, November 13th, 2016
NEW JERSEY COMIC EXPO, November 19-20th

Please drop by and let’s get to know each other!🙂

A few recent examples of my work, taken from my portfolio (visible here:
hiphop1980darthtechuvaIntertwined Eyes closedCapture d’écran 2016-07-11 à 08.27.35Spider-Gwen_RainbowDash-JPG_VR71981340773111.578cfa96ba92a



YES! It’s true. We’ve been biting our tongues for weeks, but yes, Intertwined has been picked up by New Jersey publisher Dynamite Entertainment and we couldn’t be more thrilled.
Issue #1 will hit the streets in October. All six issues of the first storyarc, plus issue #0 will be released. If you’re a comic book retailer, the only thing you have to do is remember the Previews catalog code when ordering : AUG161525.
If you’re a reader, make sure your LCS orders issue #1!

So how did this happen?
Well, it’s a very common story. Way before we launched the Kickstarter, I shopped around Intertwined at New York Comic Con 2015. A few publishers were interested in the book. All of them had the same key phrase: “make sure your Kickstarter is successful and we’ll sign you”. We did the Kickstarter. We were successful. And Dynamite was the first one to show us love. Simple as that.
I have to give 100% credit to Rich Young, Dynamite’s director of development. He liked the project from the beginning and was a class act from day one. He said what he’d do. And did what he said. We built trust. It’s important in any business. Especially in a tough competitive and creative business.
As I said, we had other possibilities, but Fred and I discussed that in length and he was really interested in the fact that he believed we’d be at the right place at Dynamite.

It’s no mystery that both of us are Bruce Lee fans. It’s one of the thing that got this project rolling. Dynamite has been successfully publishing the Green Hornet, Bruce Lee’s first american gig, for years. Add that to the fact that they also publish a huge number of Noir and pulp books, the Spider-Man Noir writer in me was satisfied.
We are thrilled to be moving forward with Rich, Anthony, Kevin, Juan, Jeremy and all the Dynamite Entertainment team to make Intertwined an international hit.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have more issues to write…😉

To be continued,



80sGirl copie

Why limit yourself? I don’t believe creative minds should be put in boxes. Nearly two years ago, I decided that drawing had to be a priority. And those who follow me know I’m posting a lot of art. I’m not just a comic book writer, though I’m identified as such.
As the art above states, I’m doing commissions.
I’ll draw whatever you like. Don’t hesitate. It’ll be my pleasure to draw your favorite character!
Looking forward to hearing from you.




So the cat’s out of the bag. I’ve partnered with the fine folks at Congregation Kol Israel to bring the first ever Jewish Comic Con to life. Why did I do that and why it’s important? Let’s answer! 

In 1934, two jewish kids from Cleveland created the first superhero of the current era, Superman, and, as they say, the rest is history. Except history can be forgotten. Ask kids at conventions these days… Do they know that most of the original wave of comic book creators were immigrant jews or sons of immigrants? Very few.
Memory is important in History. And keeping the memories of those founders, when most of them have passed away, is important. Without them, we wouldn’t read any comics. We wouldn’t have Batman, the Fantastic Four or Spider-Man.

One could argue: “but, shouldn’t all those 200+ conventions across the US do that?”. They should. Sometimes they do. Most of times they don’t. And very rarely they stress out the fact that these kids were jewish. That they started this industry because they didn’t have the money to become doctors or attorneys. That some jobs were even simply impossible for them to get. They could only dream. They dreamt big. And we can dream too thanks to them.

18 years ago, I created a magazine about comics, Comic Box, because I wanted to pay respect to those guys. The Simons, Kirbys, Lees, Kanes, Eisners, Kuberts, etc. Nothing would’ve been the same without them. They changed my life.

Now it’s time to give back some love.

And that Jewish Comic Con seemed like the perfect vehicle for me.
That con will be different from other cons. It’ll be small. Dedicated. With only 11 selected artists in the main hall. And a set of panels and conferences all day long (the con only lasts one day). There’ll be tons to learn. Tons to enjoy. No velvet rope between the creators and the public.

And the best? It’ll be very diverse.
That was my first concern. A convention by and for jews didn’t interest me. The tag line says: “it’s not just for the members of the tribe, it’s for everyone”.
Every creator. Every fan. All are welcome as long as they have a connection to something jewish in their body of work. It could be a storyline. A character. A concept.

We’ll have creators from all horizons. You can bet on that!

I think a project like this is also a great occasion to tear down some walls. To break barriers between people of different cultures and origin. It’s an invitation to discover something, some people you don’t really know about. For many, Jews are mysterious. Let’s demystify that. Let’s open doors for everyone to talk comics with everyone.

For more info, go to the official website:
And join me there on November 13th!

To be continued…


KIM&KIM, ORLANDO…And Gun Control


Is it an artist’s place to talk about guns? Especially when said artist, me, is just an “alien” in the country he chose to live in. Let’s be clear. I will not address Gun Control in America. I have no part in this debate.
I just can tell how I feel, from a World Citizen, a Human being point of view.

Timing is everything, right? I’ve been working on a fan-art piece for Mags Visaggio’s book Kim&Kim for a while now. May be a couple of months, if not more. Many factors prevented me from finishing it before (let’s not get into that).
I’ve been excited by the K&K project from the start.

First, it’s a Black Mask Studio series and I’ve made no mystery how much I love the comics these folks put on the market. Intelligent. Well made. Diverse. Respectful of creators. BMS is the kind of publisher I’ve been dreaming of working with.

Second, I met Mags Visaggio. Well, if you don’t know her story, Mags wasn’t always called that way. She transitioned. When I met her, she was called and look different. It’s funny because I still have her previous business card and when she surfaced as Mags, it took me a moment to realize it was the same person I met a few months before.

Anyhow… I’ve started following Mags’ feed. And I admit I liked the way she put herself on the map. Here we have a young comic book creator. Talking about herself. Talking about her upcoming comic book series. About what it is to go from a gender to another. The trials. The tribulations. The challenges. Mags is real. She’s a real person. I don’t know her very very well, we only chatted a couple of times. But I respect her. And, after reading the preview of her book, I know she’s going to be a great addition to our big twisted comic book family. I loved the Kim&Kim universe so much that I did something I’ve never done before: a fan art! (that was before the Red Hook thing I did too).

The idea came quickly after I discovered a rifle gun shaped hookah on the web. I wanted to make a funny poster with it. Then I was called to other projects and couldn’t complete it.
Last week end, the Orlando tragedy happened.

I felt the need to do something about it. Because I’m not exactly a gun lover, quite the opposite, and I can’t stand what’s going on with LGBTQ hate. I can’t stand people rising against each other. Shooting at each other. Those who think guns are a solution to problems can stop reading. We’re not going to be friends.

What can an artist do? Write about it. Draw about it. Make people think about it. I immediately thought about that unfinished Kim&Kim piece. I added a couple of things, changed the tagline to reflect what I feel guns should ONLY be used for (smoking ^^). I ran it by Mags before posting. She asked me to change a small thing and here we are.

Kim&Kim#1 will be available in July. And I strongly recommend we all buy a copy or two.
Oh, and by the way… I don’t smoke hookah or anything for that matter. Not my style.😉

To be continued…


Why THE RED HOOK is a damn important comic book!

RedHookGray copie

Last week, I met Dean Haspiel for the first time. The Man himself. Meeting Dean was important to me. Not only because I like his work, but also because he’s one of the main creators actively promoting the Brooklyn indie comics scene. And I happen to live in Brooklyn. So it was like being a freshman to Brando’s Godfather.

Truth is, I fell in love with Dean’s last creation, the Red Hook.

If you have never read it, you SHOULD. And you can’t say it’s too expensive because you can have it for free on your smartphone thanks to the Line Webtoon app or on the web.

The Red Hook is a story about Brooklyn. It has superheroes in it. But beyond that, it’s a story about our medium. The comic book medium. Its roots. Its present. Its future. Its founders. Dean tells it himself, it’s a “love letter to the superhero comics”. And it’s damn entertaining too.

Meeting Dean opened my eyes. Here we have a creator who pours every bit of himself in the comics he produces. Sometimes he works for bigger publishers, but he doesn’t cheat. He doesn’t lie. He bares his naked soul to the comic book medium.

Preparing my meeting with Dean (which included an interview) and even more afterwards, I decided to come out to the world as a comic book creator.

Wait a second. Didn’t I do that years ago when I started writing?

Nope. I didn’t. I was just a part-time comic book writer. I was writing on the side.
But it has never been enough for me. And I’ve been giving myself all kinds of excuses to avoid creating more.

That’s going to change. I’m working on a comic strip project that I’ll write AND draw.

I may offer it for free online and collect it when I have enough material. It’ll have more chunks of me than ever. Just like Dean, I’ll undress in front of everyone (well, metaphorically speaking). Hopefully, two people (and my mom) will be interested. But I have to do it. You can only grow as a creator if you produce and accept to be criticized for it.

Well, thank you Dean. I was a comic book writer. You just gave me the little kick I needed to become a creator.

To be continued.



PS: the illustration above is a fan art I did for Dean’s Red Hook. He encouraged me to post it. Here we go…🙂 Discuss.



For many of us, Star Wars is the very foundation of entertainment as we know it today. The George Lucas saga pretty much shaped everything up, from merchandising to storytelling and every bit of Star Wars to the tiny little bantha fart has been scrutinized to death. So with the unofficial-turned official celebration of the saga, every year on May 4th, I used to look at the feed and ask myself if I was really interested in taking part of it or not.
After seeing, and being disappointed by Episode VII, I wondered if I had distanced myself enough as a fan from that saga to be able to write something about it.

Guess what. I had an idea.

I want to write a one-shot on Admiral Ackbar.

From the very moment I saw him scream “It’s a Trap!” in the Return of the Jedi trailer, I was sold on the character and his potential. Unfortunately, he has been left behind in the prequels, has a tiny role in the most recent Star Wars and even in the “expanded universe”, he hasn’t been that much seen (very few comics and novels if I’m correct).

He’s massively underrated. That’s why I root for him.
I want to tell an Admiral Ackbar story before he was an admiral. I want his origin story. I want to tell everyone about his first days as a Rebel.

I’ve been fighting with my writing recently. Lots of events have even prevented me from updating this page. But this May the 4th, I feel like it’s a good time to finally tell that Ackbar story. I may very well be writing a pitch and send it to Marvel. And if they don’t want it, I may use the same route as my friend Tim Daniel: do it online for free. Can’t hurt. It has to get out.

Long live Admiral Ackbar. Happy Star Wars Day!




So… Batman v Superman spawned controversy? What a shocker (cue sarcasm). What do people expect? After Man of Steel, it seems that Zack Snyder keeps on claiming to the world how much he doesn’t like Superman the way it was created, and the world can’t hear it. He had to come up with his own version. A christic version. A character so far from Jerry Siegel’s vision (and the hundred writers that came after him) that you easily understand why they didn’t call him Superman one single time in the first movie.
So, the movie reviews were allowed to be posted today. Because the movie has already opened in some territories. It’ll be visible starting tomorrow evening in the US.

I’ll still go see it, but I keep wondering why Superman is said to be “tough to adapt on screen”?
The Donner version was both a critical and commercial success. The cartoons from Dini and Timm made him credible, relevant and YES, cool! You just need to have the good creative team. Just like in any comics.
So I drew a piece, quickly, this morning. Superman as “the thinker”. Wondering why, with 52 Earths in the DC Universe, not a single one could come with a good Superman movie!

And you, what do you think of all that?

To be continued…